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04/03/24 We are proud to announce that we have The Free Radicals performing again in Petersfield at St Peter's Church, on Wednesday 27 March, 7.30 pm
It is free to enter and there will be a collection to entry, retiring collection to help support our work in Ukraine. 
This talented team of performers have done similar concerts before and it will be a great night. 
With Easter approaching their theme is "Lent Music for Ukraine". 
Please go along if you can and have a super evening for a great cause. 
22/01/24 With the war in Israel taking much of the news headlines at the moment it may be easy for some to forget that the war in Ukraine continues and is as devastating as ever in so many ways. As the winter approaches we are increasing our efforts to raise money to help do what we can to help both Transarpathia and the Kherson Region survive what lies ahead. 
Thanks to the BBC for not "ignoring" the war in their news. Today in their television news broadcasts they carried a sobering video report from Kherson showing how the area continues to be on the front line of the war and how effected everyone is. This video is no longer available on the BBC iPlayer but can be seen on their YouTube site: 
and the content has been included on their website: 
27/12/23 With your help we have been able to support the villages in Transcarpathia with some Christmas gifts for all the children. Most families continue to struggle to do the things we take for granted and providing some money for additional presents has meant so much to them all. 
Many of the children do not have their father's at home as they have been taken to fight. Your generosity has helped the children, the families and the whole community to know that we still care and want them to enjoy the blessings at Christmas time even in the midst of their difficulties. 
We were also able to provide money for wood to be bought so that homes could be heated more often. With the winter coming we know that pensioners and others do not have the money to buy enough wood to heat their homes and water. You are making such a difference with every penny you give us. 
Remember, 100% of the money you give goes directly to those in most need. Our trusted partners on the ground know where the money is best used and they send us lovely pictures and words of thanks from everyone in the villages. 
30/11/23 The evening with "The Free Radicals" in St Peter's Church, Petersfield was a huge success. The songs and poetry put everyone in the Christmas spirit and everyone had a lot of fun. It was an excellent way to prepare for the Christmas celebrations. 
It also raised an amazing amount of money for us to use in Ukraine. Thank you so much to "The Free Radicals", all those behind the scenes making the evening such a great event and all those who turned up and supported. An incredible thank you also to everyone who gave so generously to provide funds for us to use at this very difficult time. We will add some details soon to show how some of this money was used. 
30/9/23 As the war continues and winter approaches we are doing all we can to support the people of Transcarpathia and Kherson.  
Kherson is taking a lot of our focus as the bombing has increased over the last few weeks. Our partners on the ground tell us that a few months ago there were about 6 shells landing each day and now there are around 60. See our "Supporting Kherson" page for more information. 
In the Transcarpathia villages they are a safe from the bombs but life remains hard as the country is focused on fighting the war. With winter approaching we are continuing to help them buy wood and other resources to distribute to those who are most vulnerable and cannot buy or source it for themselves.  
We are increasing our push for funds as the war intensifies and winter approaches. Please help where you can to help us make a difference to those in greatest need
..... this is a "call to action" for you and those you know, as we do what we can at this increasingly difficult time in Ukraine.  
31/8/23 We took a small team out to the 3 villages in Transcarpathia for our mini Summer Mission from 17th to 20th August.  
Since Covid and the start of the war we have been unable to run the Summer Mission in the same way as in years gone by. However, our small team of 15 were able to meet some old friends and show that we are still here for them and will continue to do what we can to support them. 
The team was overwhelmed with the love and thanks that the people in the village showed. They were asked to bring back and share how grateful the people in the village are that we still care for them and have not let the war diminish our commitment to keep supporting them physically, financially and in love and prayer. 
15/6/23 The horrific destruction of the Dnipro river dam has resulted in our Ukrainian friends (on both sides of the river) being flooded out. 
Homes of over 40 thousand people are in the risk area, much of Kherson is flooded, people are being evacuated, there are electricity outages and the bombing isn’t stopping. 
The ecological damage is unimaginable - and the the full impact on the agriculture and food production is not yet fully clear - Unfortunately with all the dead animals and sewage now in the water, experts are expecting serious health consequences for people with highly contagious diseases likely to become more prevalent over the next few weeks unless action on clean water and sanitation can be taken immediately. 
Through our tried and trusted network, we are deploying emergency help where it is needed most - but we cannot do this alone and would value your generosity at this time. 
Please visit the 'how can you help?' section of our website for ways to donate. 
7/5/23 We are planning what we do for our Summer Mission in August to the 3 villages we support in Transcarpathia in Western Ukraine. 
We have some flights booked already so that we take advantage of cheaper pricing but are not sure what the programme looks like yet. The war is still too uncertain to plan too much but we are doing what we can and will try and take as many people over as possible and work out how best to offer support whilst there. 
Please continue your fundraising efforts to allow us to help whereever we can. 
9/4/23 Thank you to everyone involved in the 2 events that happened recently. We really appreciate all the effort and both evenings went very well and lots of people had a great time. 
We told our friends in Ukraine about the events and they were thrilled to think that there is still concern and support for them. They are very touched, knowing that they are not forgotten. 
12/3/23 COMING UP ....... here are details of 2 events coming up in the run up to Easter. Get your diaries out and make it a date so that you can have a great evening and help raise funds for UCP to allow us continue supporting people in Ukriane. 
Friday 24th March 7.30pm (ticket only from £18) 
Ukrainian Women's Choir "Two Colours" with Hugh Bonneville 
Venue: Churcher's College, Petersfield. GU31 4AS 
(tickets must be bought in advance; money raised is for a medical evacuation vehicle) 
Buy tickets online: 
Wednesday 5th April 7.30pm (free entry) 
"Lent Music for Ukraine" The Free Radicals 
Venue: St Peter's Church, Petersfield. 
Put these dates in your diary and please come along and support one or both events. Thank you. 
12/3/23 Last night (Saturday) saw a wonderful "Concert for Peace" from The Petersfield Choir at St Peter's Church, Petersfield. Funds were raised for UCP and we want to thank everyone involved for their ongoing support. It was a wonderful night and there are a few more coming up in Petersfield in the next few weeks ..... watch out for more news here about them. 
7/2/23 Some of our team have just got back from the Winter Mission to our 3 villages in the south west of Ukraine: the Transcapathia region. 
It was great to visit our friends in person and see first hand some of the hardships they are dealing with. Power cuts continue to happen throughout the day and there is an strong feeling of despair over the situation with the war. A large part of the despair is the uncertainty of the future and that so many men from the villages have been taken to fight. Those who have not yet been served draft papers live in daily/hourly fear; shared by their families and friends too. 
Despite this we were shown wonderful hospitality and we were able to spend time praying and meeting key people to see how best we can continue to support them now and in the future. 
They all wanted us to bring back and share with you their heartfelt thanks for not forgetting them and for all the prayers and financial support. So many times we heard messages of love and gratitude for UCP's help and the difference it is making in their lives and gives them a hope for the future. 

News & Information 

6/1/23 This weekend sees the celebration of Christmas in the Eastern Othodox Church in Ukraine. We celebrate this with you and pray for peace and a return to brotherly/sisterly love to all people. 
We hope that the year ahead can allow UCP continue in its plans to support and our friends in Ukraine and especially the areas we have been supporting in the past. 
There is an ongoing need for finance to allow us to do the work we do and we thank you in advance for your generosity so we can continue to use your gifts to touch the hearts and lives of those who recieve it. 
We would like to wish all our supporters and all our friends in Ukraine a blessed and peaceful New Year. Ii was a different Christmas time this year due to the ongoing conflict and the effects on the infrasturcture throughout the country. However, nothing can deflect from the joyous celebration of Christ's birth and the hope it gives us all for today and tomorrow. 
All the Trustees from UCP would like to thank everyone who has supported our efforts throughout the year, whether it be in donations, prayer or by encouraging others to support us. We cannot do what we do without your support and we are truely grateful. We will endeavour to use your generosity for His glory and to help our brothers and sisters, along with others whose lives we touch, endure what 2023 has to bring. We long for peace and an end to conflict, along with a return to some sort of normality for everyone; especially in Transcarpathia and the Kherson region. 
18/11/22 We welcome the news that there has been some success in pushing back the Russian army in some key areas. There is still a huge need as the winter approaches, especially as bombs are still being sent into Ukraine targeting the energy infrastructure. 
Also, one of the villages we visit in the Transcarpathian region in the west suffered an arson attack a few weeks ago. Several villagers houses were targetted along with the Church Bell Tower. Some of the houses were completely gutted by the fire. 
We have sent money to help support the various families to rebuild and manage until they can get back to some degree of normality. 
15/11/22 A huge thank you to Duddingston Kirk who raised over £1000 at their Craft Fair on 5th November. Your incredible hard work and the generosity of everyone who donated will help ensure more lives are touched and help is given where it is needed.  
Thank you from all at UCP. 
26/10/22 Are you close to Edinburgh in Scotland on ........ 
Bonfire Day 5th November!!! 
If you are then go along to Duddingston Kirk Hall between 12noon and 4pm to visit the Craft Fair. It looks like it is going to be a great event. The proceeds are being given to us to help support the work we are doing in Kherson and our other villages. 
We are so grateful to the people at Duddingston Kirk and all our supports for the prayers and finincial help that helps us do what we can to bring some comfort and love to those in Ukraine. Thank you. 
11/10/22 Despite the conflict showing no signs of coming to an end we are still planning to continue our regular missions to Transcarpathia in 2023. 
The covid situation and now the conflict means that we have not been able to visit for several years now. 
Plans are well advanced for a Winter Mission early in Feb 2023. Plans for a Summer Mission are also taking shape.  
01/10/22 With the conflict causing higher energy prices and the prospects of a harsh winter there is great concern how people in the areas we support will be able to heat their homes and be able to cook their meals. 
For the 3 villages we have links with in Transcarpathia, in the west of Ukraine, we have sent financial support for them to buy large quantities of wood at cheaper, summer prices. These are being stock piled and will be distributed to those in need when the cold, winter weather hits. 
This is just one way that we are working with our trusted partners on the ground to use the money that we are given both in Transcarpathia and the Kherson region. 
Thank you to everyone who is praying and giving to support our efforts and helping us try to make a difference. 
20/09/22 As the situation in Kherson escalates we have taken the decision to blur the faces of supporters and beneficiaries in this region in order to protect their identity. 
As the Russian Army continue to carry out house to house searches, including searching through social media, our photographic updates are becomming a security risk for our contacts. We will endeavour to keep our news updated as much as possible but our primary focus is keeping our support lines open and safe. 

Preparations for Mission 2024 

We are currently assembling a team of people keen to help with children, youth and the community as well as the medical mission leaving for Ukraine in early August 2024. We mainly recruit from the UK and Hungary but other nationalities are welcome as well. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining us so we can give you more details.  
All of our preparations are reliant on being able to travel, if the Covid and the current war situation allows. 

Winter Mission 2024 

Our Winter Mission team plan to visit early February 2024 for a long weekend of bible study with the elders from all 3 villages in Transcarpathia. This is always a wonderful opportunity for us to spend time with the Elders and often share with them our own church study series. We were grateful for your prayer and look forward ot our next winter mission. 

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