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Since late February 2022 the Russian Army had been deploying missiles and bombs in Kherson. Despite the valiant efforts of the local population and Ukrainian army it seems that in late April 2022 there is now a Russian-army backed administration forcibly installed with currency change and other changes happening on a weekly basis. 
Through a contact we have known for over 20 years and through a local minister we are able to provide weekly support for some people in greatest need (including those who have been bombed out of their houses). In addition we support a Cooks project where the local community buy food and cook each day to support orphans, those in hospital as well as emergency service workers. Please see the link here to the latest photos and videos from the Kherson area. 

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20/09/22 As the situation in Kherson escalates we have taken the decision to blur the faces of supporters and beneficiaries in this region in order to protect their identity.  
As the Russian Army continue to carry out house to house searches, including searching through social media, our photographic updates are becomming a security risk for our contacts. We will endeavour to keep our news updated as much as possible but our primary focus is keeping our support lines open and safe.  
06/07/22 Thanks to UCP funding, the Minister has been able to extend help to a further 54 individuals in his area. This is despite increasingly dangerous situation, where both driving around and especially taking photos can be highly risky. 
The Kherson Initiative is exercising extreme caution, to protect beneficiaries and volunteers. 
01/06/22 Today we received a quote from one of the beneficiaries in the houses which we support with food: 
"My name is Valentina, I live in the house that was damaged during shooting. Now at least we got our windows installed back. Thank you for that. 
Because neither my husband nor I are receiving our pensions - we have no money, whatsoever, and we thought how are we to live? Thank you so much for this help - Because right now this is our only means of existence. 
Thank you so much." 
16/05/22 Today UCP members met the Minister over Zoom, who leads the initiative helping villages in the Kherson region. 
The Minister emphasised how difficult the situation is right now and how grateful people are to feel support at this terrible times. 
Our conversation had to end abruptly, as shooting started outside the Ministers building, and they had 
to retreat to the shelter. 
09/05/22 In the first stage of support of this initiative, UCP have provided targeted sponsorship of 'The Cooks Project’. 
The cooking group, run by local people, can produce up to 800 meals per day to feed patients in Kherson children’s hospital, as well as in Kherson regional and city hospitals, and to emergency service workers and some small orphanages. 
The funds UCP have pledged so far have been able to supply 340 meals and also covered expenses for transportation of the ingredients and meals to those in great need. The initiative have also been able to use some of the monies received from UCP to make a contribution to the utility bill for running the kitchen. 
We have also sent specific targeted funding to support particular individuals in Kherson in greatest need as identified by the local pastor who personally visits them and delivers food and medical support on a regular basis. We hope to provide a fuller update shortly. 
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